General Information/Questions

Who do I call about food stamps?

Department of Human Services - 319-356-6050.

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?

Johnson County Recorder’s Office - 319-356-6093.

Where can I get a copy of a death certificate?

Johnson County Recorder’s Office - 319-356-6093.

Who do I call to file a complaint about my apartment in Iowa City or Coralville?

More information here

City of Iowa City-Rental Housing - 319-356-5130
Coralville Rental Housing - 319-248-1720

Community Health

Where can I get help with applying for health insurance?

For help with the Health Insurance Marketplace at

  • Johnson County Certified Application Counselor
  • Phone: 319-382-0772 or email: [email protected]
  • Most insurance agents can help find health insurance, but only some are approved to assist with marketplace applications which can include financial assistance.
  • Johnson County Public Health 319-688-6045 for low income families with children under 21 and pregnant women.

For health insurance outside of the marketplace, visit

Applying for Medicaid (e.g., low income, disabled, or pregnant)

Hawk-I (for children under 19 with moderate low to moderate family income)

Where can I get adult immunizations?

Johnson County Public Health currently offers adult immunization clinics on Wednesdays. Prices vary by vaccine. Some person may qualify for free or discounted vaccines depending on their situation. Call 319-356-6045 for more information. Many doctors, pharmacies, and quick/urgent care clinics offer at least some vaccines..

Where can I get tested for sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD/STI)?

Johnson County Public Health provides screenings for HIV, Hepatitis-C and Syphilis. Individuals seeking other STI screening services should see a primary care doctor, Planned Parenthood, Emma Goldman, or the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic.

Where can I get tested for Tuberculosis (TB)?

JCPH health provides TB skin testing for $20. Call 319-356-6045 to set up an appointment. If an X-ray is needed you will be referred to an outside provider who will determine any further cost. You can also ask your doctor or call a quick/urgent care clinic.

What volunteer and internship opportunities do you have in Community Health?

JCPH public health has a variety of volunteer and internship opportunities in Community Health which vary based on current funding and staffing. Contact Dave Koch at 319-688-5883 for more information.

Where can I get travel vaccines?

There are two travel clinics in Johnson County: Mercy Towncrest Internal Medicine at 319-338-7862 and University of Iowa Health Care Travel Medicine Clinic at 319-356-8133. Johnson County Public Health has typhoid vaccine as well as many other routine vaccines recommended for travel. University of Iowa Students may be able to get some travel vaccines. Call 319-335-8370 or visit for more information. Be sure to consult a travel clinic 6-8 weeks before leaving as some immunizations may require two doses. See “Where can I get adult immunizations?” for more information about general immunizations.

Environmental Health (Food and Watershed)

How do I apply for a food license?

Fill out the appropriate application found here. All relevant information and fee must be attached to the application before it will be accepted for review.

Certified food protection manager (CFPM)? How do I become a CFPM? Why do I need it?

When Iowa changed to the 2009 food code in 2014, having a certified food protection manager on staff is now a requirement for managing a food establishment .Click here and use the link labeled ANSI Approved Certified Food Protection Manager Courses for more information and classes available.

How do I find ServSafe classes?

Click here to see Iowa State Extension office's list of the ServSafe Classes offered in the area.

How do I find inspection reports?

Click here to find inspection reports on all statewide food establishments. Search the database by restaurant name or jurisdiction. Local Johnson County restaurants will be listed under jurisdiction Johnson County Public Health.

How do I open a home bakery (formally home food)?

Click here to find the link for all home bakery and mobile food information.

How do I apply for a new well?

Contact a well contractor to determine best placement of a well on the property (note: specific setbacks need to be met). Submit an application and fee to Johnson County Public Health for approval. Applications can be found here.

What is the best way to maintain and manage my well?

Check the well annually for a tight cap, no visible cracks in the casing, no openings around the base of the casing, and protect the area around the well against spills and contamination. It is recommended to test your water annually to ensure a safe drinking water supply. Find more information here.

How often should water from my private water well be tested?

Johnson County Public Health recommends that private water wells be tested annually. Our office offers one free annual bacteria and nitrate test to home owners on private wells. The testing now includes arsenic testing. Find out more here about well testing.

How can I get my well tested for free?

The Grants To Counties program allow Johnson County Public Health to offer free private water well testing for Johnson County residence. Testing includes total coliform bacteria, E.coli bacteria, and nitrates testing. New this year; arsenic testing. Find more information here.

What should I do if my well tests positive for bacteria?

If your well tests positive for bacteria, it is recommended you shock chlorinate your well. Johnson County Public Health recommends calling a certified well contractor for proper chlorination. If you would like to chlorinate your well you can find do-it-yourself instructions here. Be sure to re-test your water 7-10 days after chlorination.

My water is rusty or smells like rotten eggs. Is it safe?

Those conditions are often caused by bacteria and are unpleasant, but studies have shown that they often do not cause illness. Shock chlorinating your well may help reduce those bacteria. If you have a concern about unsafe water, testing the water supply is always recommended. Find more information about water testing or shock chlorination here.

Is there financial assistance for fixing/plugging my well?

Yes, the Grants To Counties program provides reimbursement up to $500 to properly plug/abandon water wells. Assistance for plugging a cistern is $300. If you would like to renovate your well (extend casing, bring out of pit, new cap, etc) you may be eligible for up to $1000 reimbursement. For more information call 319-356-6040 or find out more here

What do I need to do to apply for a private sewage disposal system?

New applicants should contact a wastewater engineer or soil scientist for a site evaluation and system design. Septic systems in Johnson County are required to be designed by a licensed professional engineer or a person qualified to perform soil analyses. Prior to beginning work, all private sewage disposal systems must be approved by Johnson County Public Health. When the design has been completed, submit the wastewater application and fee with the design for review and approval. Applications for a wastewater permit can be found here.

What is the best way to maintain and manage my septic system?

Maintaining a septic system involves pumping the tank routinely (3-5 years depending on use), cleaning the effluent filter regularly, being mindful of water use (water restricted fixtures, toilet, and appliances), and do not dump unnecessary items into drains (chemicals, excess food waste, septic tank additives). For more information click here.

Are there items I should not be putting down my drain? Garbage disposal? Chemicals?

Find a complete list of do’s and don’ts for septic systems here.

Should I be using septic additives?

Do not use them! Studies have shown they are often more harmful than helpful and may dramatically shorten the life of the septic system.

How often should I pump my septic tank?

Johnson County Public Health recommends pumping your septic tank every 3-5 years depending on use. Pumping your septic tank routinely will help the life span of your system. Find out more here.

How can I get a radon test kits?

Short Term & Long Term Radon test kits can be purchased at Johnson County Public Health. Short-Term kits are $10 in office or can be mailed to you for $13. Long-Term test kits are $30 in person, or mailed for $33.  Find out more here.

Short-Term Radon Test Kits (3-7 days in length)

  • Testing for radon for the first time.
  • You have done a short-term measurement before that reported elevated levels and you need to conduct a second verification test.
  • A mitigation system was recently installed in your home and you need to do a follow-up test to confirm your radon levels are low.
  • Your home already has a mitigation system and you want to verify your radon levels are low and confirm the mitigation system is working properly.
  • Place test kit in lowest live-able area in home.
    • ​​​​​​​Suggestions: one kit per foundation type; Test every 2 years even if you have a mitigation system; Test after major renovations


Long-Term Radon Test Kits (3-12 months in length)

  • You have done a short-term measurement before that reported low or elevated levels and you would like to conduct a second test for verification.
  • You would like to know your what your radon level is as an average over a longer period.
  • Place test kit in lowest live-able area in home

Women, Infants & Children (WIC) / Maternal Child Health (MCH)

Can individuals with private insurance get immunizations at JC Public Health?


Can I apply for Medicaid at the WIC office?

Yes if you are a woman who is receiving services from WIC or Maternal health, or have children under age 18 participating in any of our MCH programs.

Can I transfer my WIC from another state to Iowa?


Does WIC provide breastfeeding women with breast pumps?

Yes if the clients insurance or Medicaid Managed Care Organization does not provide one and qualifications are met. Call 319-356-6042 for details.

Can I get a eWIC EBT card at JCPH?

Yes if you are eligible for the WIC program.

Can I get WIC benefits in Johnson County if I live in another county?

Yes this might be possible depending on other details. Please call 319 356-6042.

Can I get my WIC benefits at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital?

Yes that might be an option for you, please check with JC Public Health staff first 319 356-6042.

Can adults get vaccinations at JC Public Heath?


Can adults get a physical at JC Public Health?


Can I get vaccines for travel at JC Public Health?
Yes, certain vaccines for travel can be purchased at JC Public Health.
Can my child get a physical at JC Public Health?

No, but we can refer you to a medical home in the community; please call 319 356-6045.

Can I get my teeth cleaned or other dental services at JC Public Health?

If you are pregnant you or your child may be eligible for dental services. Please check with JC Public Health staff at 319 356-6045.

Can I attend a WIC nutrition class?

Yes if you are in the WIC program you may attend. Other attendance may be limited due to space. Please contact the WIC staff for further information 319-356-6042.

Can I pick up my Washington, Iowa or Cedar County WIC benefits in Johnson County?

Yes that is possible. Please check with JC Public Health staff 319-356-6042.

Can my children get developmental, vision and hearing screenings?

Your children may be eligible for these screens through the JC Public Health Child Health Program. Please check with  staff for details 319-356-6042

Can I get a referral to a Doctor or Dentist at JC Public Health?

Yes we can refer you to a Medical and Dental Home.

Can I get emergency care at JC Public Health?

No! Pease contact 911 if you have an emergency.

Where can I get a copy of my child’s immunization record?

Contact the Immunization staff for details 319-356-6046.

Is there a WIC office in North Liberty?

No, at this time services are provided in Iowa City.

How can I get my baby’s formula changed?

Please contact the WIC staff at 319-356-6042.

What ages of clients are served under Title V?

Birth to age 21. So if you are 20 years 11 months old we can still offer our services

Does WIC provide whole milk?

WIC Federal Guidelines mandate that WIC policy does not allow whole milk for children 24 months or older unless the participant is also on a Supplemental Formula for a medical condition where the use of conventional food is precluded, restricted, or inadequate to address their special nutrition needs. WIC provides whole milk for children ages 12 months to 23 months of age.

Does the WIC program issue fruit and vegetables by dollar amounts or ounces?

Fruit and vegetable benefits are issued by dollar amounts, not by weight.

What whole grain foods can I purchase using WIC?

Whole grain options include:

  • Whole wheat bread – package must say “100% whole wheat” and whole wheat must be listed as the first ingredient on the label (any brand).
  • Tortillas – 16 oz package of either corn or whole wheat (brand specific).
  • Brown Rice – any brand of either regular (16 oz package) or instant/boil-in-bag (14 – 16 oz package)
  • Oatmeal – 16 oz container of Quick or Old Fashioned (brand specific)
    Note that oatmeal is considered a whole grain and not part of your cereal benefit. Cream of Wheat, Cream of Whole Grain, Cream of Rice, Malt-O-Meal Original, and Malt-O-Meal Chocolate are hot cereals that are considered part of your cereal benefit.
How do I know what benefits I have on the card?

The card can be scanned at the WIC office, the grocery store and you can also register the card on the WIC Shopper App which will display the benefits.

What is "shelf stable" on the benefits print-out?

“Shelf-stable” refers to those juices that do not require refrigeration or freezer. Juice is available as: ready-made in a bottle (non-refrigerated), frozen concentrate, or refrigerated orange juice.