Do you suspect you have a foodborne illness?

Investigating foodborne illness reports is a function of Johnson County Public Health

  • If you would like to report a foodborne illness, please contact Johnson County Public Health: 319-356-6040.
  • Reporting your illness helps the health department track the occurrence of foodborne illness in the community. (Please keep in mind that not all illness has a food origin)

Information your county official may need to know

  • Name/Phone/Address
  • Name of Person Affected
  • 5 Day Food History
  • Date and Time Consumed
  • Food and Beverage Consumed
  • Time of Symptom Onset
  • Symptoms
  • Duration of Symptoms
  • Primary Physician or MD seen for illness
  • Hospital or Clinic where treatment was received
  • Specimens Collected
  • Diagnosis
  • Recommended Treatment

Please do not be discouraged from calling if you do not have the information. The purpose of this list is to help you assemble the information the county may need before calling to report your illness.