The goals of this program are to prevent and contain infectious diseases through outbreak investigations, reportable disease follow-up and immunization promotion. Program webpages include disease fact sheets, information for all ages on vaccination, daycare resources, health care provider resources and disease prevention in schools. Bioterrorism topics are also listed on these program pages.

Top Disease Information

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
E. coli
Head Lice
Terrorism Preparedness


Teen disease resource center

Fact Sheets

Teen Pregnancy
STD Fact Sheets
Syphilis Information
Gonorrhea Information
Chlamydia Information

STD Testing & Treatment

First, contact your primary care provider's office to determine whether you may be tested there. If you prefer visiting a testing center other than your primary care provider, there may be several locations in your area.

Click here for a listing of Iowa STD testing and treatment sites.

Vaccinations & School

High school is a great time to make sure you have all of the vaccinations needed for college. Additional vaccines to include if you have not already had them are:

  •     Hepatitis B
  •     Meningococcal Vaccine (meningitis)
  •     MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

Contact your physician or review your immunization record to determine whether or not you are up-to-date on your immunizations.

CDC Adult Vaccination Schedule

Study Abroad Vaccinations

There are two clinics that provide vaccinations for international travel in Iowa City:

    UIHC Travel Medicine Service - (319) 356-1616
    UI Student Health - General Phone: (319) 335-8370
    Appointments: (319) 335-8394
    Nurseline: (319) 335-9704 (for health information, advice and assistance)

For general questions about disease associated with international travel, contact:

    CDC International Travelers Hotline (404) 332-4559
    Johnson County Public Health (319) 356-6040t

Social Issues

Dealing with Divorce
Am I In A Healthy Relationship?

Other Information

Eating Disorders
Diet & Exercise
What is MONO?
Am I at risk for getting SARS?


UI Student Health
Iowa Department of Public Health
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Medline PLUS: Teen Health


Med Info

A resource for Johnson County health care providers

Communicable Disease Reporting

List of Required Reportable Diseases and Where to Report Them
Reporting Form
City and County Maps
Iowa Administrative Code: Disease Reporting and Quarantine
Disease Fact Sheets A-Z

Animal Bite Reporting

Click here for animal bite reporting


Certificate of Immunization Iowa Immunization Law and You
CDC Vaccination Schedule - Children
CDC Vaccination Schedule - Adults

Bio-Emergency Response Plan

Response Plan

Johnson County Public Health (JCPH) is in the process of creating a bio-emergency response plan. The primary goals of the plan are to provide post-event prophylaxis to all Johnson County citizens within 48 hours of a bio-emergency, and to respond to acts of bioterrorism where mass vaccination or prophylaxis is required to prevent a widespread outbreak. Should an event occur, Johnson County Public Health would be in need of medical and non-medical personnel to assist in operating mass vaccination or prophylaxis clinics throughout the county. Full implementation of the plan will require approximately 2,500 volunteers.

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for registered nurses and license practical nurses willing to be part of our response effort. Volunteering for the response plan will not require extensive training or preparation. There will be exercises to practice implementing the response plan, and we will inform you of these opportunities as they arise. In the event of a bio-emergency, a volunteer’s commitment would most likely involve working one 8-hour shift per day for two consecutive days at one of 7 clinic sites located in various public buildings county-wide. The role of every volunteer will differ, but we will attempt to assign everyone a duty related to his or her occupation.

At this time, we are requesting that you express your interest in volunteering by contacting Johnson County Public Health at 319-356-6040.

Iowa immunization certificates and Iowa immunization law

Iowa Immunization Certificates

Certificate of Immunization
Certificate of Immunization Exemption
Provisional Certificate
Master Index Card

Prevnar Lapse Schedule

Iowa Immunization Law

Iowa Immunization Administrative Code
A Guide to Iowa’s Immunization Law
Immunization Requirements

Disease fact sheets

Disease Fact Sheets A-Z


Bat rabies

Bats In Your Home

What To Do If You Find A Bat In Your Home
CDC - Rabies

Health Practitioner Information

Rabies Exposure Management for Bat-related Incidents
Animal Bite Report Form


Iowa Department of Public Health (Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology)
Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory



Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Iowa Public Health Information