Home Food Establishment- means a business on the premises of a residence where potentially hazardous bakery goods are prepared for consumption elsewhere. Annual gross sales of these products cannot exceed $35,000. This term does not include a residence where food is prepared to be used or sold by churches, fraternal societies, or charitable, civic or non-profit organizations. Residences which prepare or distribute honey, shell eggs or non-hazardous baked goods are not required to be licensed as home food establishments.

To properly complete an application

  1. First fill out the application form along with all of the appropriate information regarding the application.
  2. Deliver or mail the application and fee to the Public Health Department between 8:00-4:30, Monday through Friday.

The department currently only accepts cash, personal or cashiers check, or money order.

Application and Requirements

Home Food Establishment Requirements

Additional Guidance Documents


Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 30 & Chapter 31, and Iowa Code Chapter 137F

Guidance Documents

Additional Code and Guidance Documents