Johnson County Public Health contracts with the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals to provide local inspection and licensing activities at food establishments (grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores), hotels and motels.

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The link (above) will allow you to search and review inspection reports conducted within all of Iowa. You may choose to search only in Johnson County by choosing this option under jurisdiction.

How do I read an inspection report?

Please note: Inspections conducted prior to January 1, 2014 were imported and converted from previous software and may contain inaccuracies or missing files.


Inspections Week of 7/22/22 - 8/4/22

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Shorts Burger and Shine – Pre-Opening
TC Bonez Mobile – Routine
Winestyles – Pre-Opening
Lake MacBride Golf – Physical Recheck
Eastwood’s Sports Bar – Physical Recheck
Jalapeno Mexican Restaurant – Routine
TC Bonez Commissary – Routine
Copper Boar American Pub – Pre-Opening



Routine – An inspection conducted as an unknown, spontaneous visit and frequency based upon risk level
Physical Recheck – An onsite visit to verify corrective measures were taken to address Risk Factor violations
Letter of Correction – A remote method of verifying corrective actions taken to address Risk Factor violations
Pre-opening – Onsite visit to ensure kitchen design, hand washing, ware washing facilities, restrooms, plumbing, and all other physical aspects of the establishment meet IA Food Code requirements prior to the release of a license
Warning Letter – A Warning Letter is requested for Foodborne Illness Risk Factor violations that remain out of compliance on three or more routine inspections or physical rechecks. A Warning Letter is also issued if, within the past 24 months, a previous Warning Letter was issued due to out of compliance Foodborne Illness Risk Factor violations.


If you have questions regarding the inspection reports please contact one of the Environmental Health Specialist staff at 319-356-6040.