Paper checks are available for use at approved farmers’ markets to purchase fruits, vegetables and herbs for those active in the WIC program under the Farmers Market Nutrition program (FMNP). In order to be eligible for the WIC FMNP, you must be older than 9 months by May 31 and an active participant in WIC on both May 31 and June 1 in of the year the checks are issued.

Each eligible  participant in the WIC FMNP can receive a once a year benefit in the form of paper  checks to be used June 1 through October 31 at participating Iowa farmers’ markets  and farm stands in the year the checks are issued. Checks can be used to purchase fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs at authorized farmers' markets and farm stands. Contact us [email protected] for more info or to check if you are eligible.

How to use Farmers Market checks        

Location of Approved Farmers Markets in Iowa

Information on the Iowa City Online Market and Local Farm Stands accepting FMNP