Wastewater treatment is an essential part of owning a home or business. This website was designed to provide helpful information about onsite wastewater treatment, regulations, maintenance, and construction. Please contact Johnson County Public Health if you have any additional questions at 319-356-6040.

Forms and permit applications

Construction Permit Application
Operation Permit Application
DNR Notice of Intent
Commercial/Industrial Use Permit Application
Permit Extension Application
Variance Request Form
Public Health Zoning Application
Temporary Holding Tank Agreement
Site Characterization Evaluation
Soil Evaluation Form

Private Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations


Topics of interest

Assessing Your Household Wastewater Needs
Community System Planning
Freezing Problems - Minnesota State Extension
Groundwater Protection and Your Septic System
Homeowner's Guide to Onsite Systems
The Care and Feeding of Your Septic System
Pipeline: Maintaining Your Septic System- A Guide for Homeowners
Water Conservation in the Home


Johnson County Public Health wastewater guides

Problems with your wastewater system: A guide to solving common problems
Procedure for applying to construct a new residential wastewater system
Procedure for applying to construct a new commercial wastewater system


Type of private sewage disposal systems

At-Grade systems
Mound systems
Aerobic treatment units
Constructed wetlands
Intermittent sand filters
Peat filters
Drip distribution
Understanding onsite system


Financial assistance

The Onsite Wastewater Systems Assistance Program (OSWAP): This program offers low interest loans to assist with the cost of installing an onsite wastewater system for an existing home.

OSWAP Program Brochure
Applicant Approval Form
Homeowner Instructions
Lender Information Packet
Find a Participating Lender

Iowa State Revolving Fund : This program provides low interest loans for drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure improvements and non-point source water quality projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About the State Revolving Fund


Government Links

USEPA, Office of Wastewater Management
USDA Rural Development
National Small Flows Clearinghouse
National Onsite Demonstration Project

Iowa Links

Iowa Farm*A*Syst
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Onsite Wastewater Assistance Program (OSWAP)
Iowa State University Extension Service

National Links

NOWRA (National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, Inc.)
NAWT (National Association of Waste Transporters, Inc.)
ASABE (American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers)
Onsite Consortium
National Small Flows Clearinghouse

Academic Links

Iowa State University Extension Service
California State University Onsite Program
Extension Service, University of Minnesota
North Carolina University Septic System Program
Texas A&M Onsite Program
Wisconsin Small Scale Waste Management Project