For any additional questions or information, please contact one of the Environmental Health Specialists at Johnson County Public Health: 319-356-6040.

Regulations and Information

Steps to Obtain a License for Tanning Facilities
Iowa Department of Health and Human Services Tanning Program

Steps to Obtain a License for a Tanning Facility

Johnson County test and inspects tanning facilities within Johnson County

  • Obtain the following information from the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services here (
    • Rules for electrically controlled tanning facilities
    • Health Warnings and Photosensitizing Drug List
  • Print off and study this information, then contact Johnson County Public Health to schedule a Certified Operator Test.
    • At least one person at the tanning facility must be licensed as a certified operator.
    • There is a $25 fee payable to Johnson County Public Health each time the test is taken.
    • This test consists of 75 questions that are multiple choice or true/false. You must answer a minimum of 70 questions correctly to receive your certification.
    • This test is open book, and you may bring the above information with you to use during the test.
    • Once you pass the test, you will receive your Certificate of Completion immediately.
  • Send a copy of the certificate, along with your application and fee to IDPH. Once you’ve received your license in the mail, you may begin operating your tanning facility. Inspections will occur annually at the facility.