Strategic Plan 2024-2028

All of those who live, work, learn, or play in Johnson County should be assured that the efforts put forth by the Health Department are done through a lens of Health Equity. Thus, the first priority focuses on educating staff to ensure a solid and constantly progressing foundation in Health Equity culture is constructed through trainings and strengthening community networks. Next, Johnson County Public Health will work to increase Community Engagement through improved use of outreach and engagement metrics along with a greater emphasis on receiving feedback from and providing updates to the community served. Thirdly, to consistently provide excellent service to the community Johnson County Public Health will look internally to Organizational Improvement goals to train, retain, and support a diverse workforce. Johnson County Public Health will look to maximize resources, utilize data, systems, and tools effectively along with improving internal policies and procedures through the fourth priority – Operational Excellence. Finally, Johnson County Public Health will emphasize the importance of not only the purpose of the Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan but also the progress reported by the HealthyJoCo team. Johnson County Public Health anticipates making progress on all of the goals and objectives listed in the above priorities through purposeful action steps laid out in the plan to have a positive impact both internally and for those in the communities served.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority 1: Health Equity

Goal #1: Ensure new Employees are given a foundation of Health Equity culture at JCPH.
  • Objective: By the end of each calendar year, 90% of new hires will have the online Building Health Equity training series completed.
  • Action Steps:
    • Hiring manager to enroll new hire into NEOGOV learning plan.
    • Manager follow-up with new hire upon notification of incomplete training series (if necessary).
  • Status: 
Goal #2: Identify Johnson County Groups that work with at-risk and/or underrepresented populations.
  • Objective: By 6/1/25, compile a comprehensive list (i.e. LGBTQ, BIPOC, etc.), of groups that the department interacts with on a regular basis.
  • Action Steps:
    • Introduce project parameters at monthly all-staff meeting in first quarter of 2024.
      • Receive feedback from staff during this time to build out what information will be collected.
    • Work with Johnson County IT (or third-party vendor) on viability of creating a database directory.
    • Fall 2025 in-person All-Staff retreat introduce "database" to department.
  • Status:
Goal #3: Build or join existing community network for the purposes of information sharing and collecting feedback
  • Objective: By 12/31/28, maintain sharing an update from at least 75% of community organizations and coalitions. 
  • Action Step:
    • Quarterly, review the database directory to look for adjustments to list, as needed.
  • Status: 
Goal #4: Share presence at diverse community events.
  • Objective: By end of each calendar year, JCPH employees will attend 12 community events. 
  • Action Steps: 
    • Outreach & Engagement Coordinator to maintain Outlook calendar "Events & Tabling"
      • Work on categorizing events (programmatic v. department-wide) to be posted in the "Events & Tabling" Outlook Calendar.
    • Management encouragement of staff to attend events.
  • Status: 
Goal #5: Inform the public on Health Equity updates/milestones
  • Objective: By 6/1/24, create and fill a new JCPH website tab dedicated to health equity.
  • Action Steps:
    • Outreach & Engagement Coordinator to create additional content for page for Health Equity.
    • Health Equity Workgroup to provide updates and additional resources for page.
  • Status:


Strategic Priority #2: Community Engagement
  1. Increase feedback from customers served through an improved Customer Satisfaction survey
    1. Objective: 
      • By 6/1/24, the department will reconstruct the Customer Satisfaction Survey and mode(s) of distribution
      • By 12/31/24, the department will implement and track responses via the updated Customer Satisfaction Surveys. 
      • By 12/31/25, the department will see a 50% increase in survey submitted satisfaction surveys.
        • and a subsequent increase of 10% year over year until 2028
    2. Action Steps:
      • Programs will evaluate the need for a more in-depth survey. 
        1. Programs with highest customer interaction will decide to create an independent survey or branch from department survey.
        2. Selected programs will decide the most efficient distribution method(s). 
        3. The new Customer Satisfaction Survey will be introduced to staff and promoted.
      • Performance Management dashboard will track response rate of survey.
      • The Performance Improvement Team will monitor monthly submissions via a key performance indicator. 
      • The Performance Improvement Team will work with the programs who have active surveys and work to promote survey and implement "pushes" as determined.
    3. Status:
  2. Begin producing and promoting the "Healthy Dose" podcast to be available to the community
    1. Objectives:
      • By 7/1/24, the "Healthy Dose" podcast will be created.
      • By 12/31/24 ensure the podcast is available to the community on a scheduled basis with emerging or interesting topics affecting county residents.
    2. Action Steps:
      • Prepare standardized structural elements:
        1. Set up computer programs for recording, editing, and distribution.
        2. Develop intro and outro verbiage and music.
        3. Develop training documents for staff.
        4. Set up staff orientation.
      • Create list of topic ideas & schedule of podcast episodes
        1. Reserve social media handle (i.e. username) and general email for podcast.
        2. Embed podcast player into JCPH website
    3. Status:
  3. Create a system to measure outreach and engagement based on trackable metrics for a program and department wide report.
    1. Objectives:
      • By 6/30/24, the Hootsuite social media report will be sent by the Outreach & Engagement Coordinator to divisions.  
      • By 6/30/24, a system for staff to measure the engagement of events will be created. 
      • By 12/31/24, all staff will be trained in how to measure engagement of events they attend. 
    2. Action Steps:
      • Utilize available Hootsuite reports.
        1. Create or utilize existing Meta reports. 
        2. Standardize practice of producing digital media analytics report within 15 days of campaign ending.  
      • A small project team will be assembled to create a short form to evaluate events and engagement. 
        1. The project team will beta test the form. 
      • The project team will create and record a training so staff may utilize this for reference and could be incorporated into onboarding.
    3. Status:
Strategic Priority #3: Organizational Improvement 

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Strategic Priority #4: Operational Excellence

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Strategic Priority #5: HealthyJoCo

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