Purpose of our Commission

Assist all Johnson County residents who served in the armed forces of the United States and their relatives, beneficiaries, and dependents in receiving from the United States and this state any and all compensation, pensions, hospitalization, insurance, education, employment pay and gratuities, loan guarantees, or any other aid or benefit to which they may be entitled under any law. To provide temporary emergency financial assistance to Johnson County Veterans who were discharged honorably and who meet the Johnson County Commission of Veterans Affairs eligibility criteria.

Who are we?

We consist of a five member commission appointed by the Board of Supervisors to staggered three year terms. The office is managed by a Director who is Nationally Accredited with the National Association of County Veteran Service Officers. Commission members and the Director will strive to advocate for all Veterans by assisting them with all of their requests while adhering to Iowa Code 35B. We will treat everyone with dignity, respect, and professionalism, while maintaining accountability and stewardship.

Federal programs

A person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dis-honorable may qualify for a Service-connected Disability Compensation or Pension.

Federal eligibility

A person who was injured or became ill as a result of line of duty may be eligible to receive a disability compensation.

Veterans with low incomes who are either permanently or totally disabled, or age 65 and older, may be eligible for a Pension if they have 90 days or more of active military service with at least one day during a period of war.

County program

Emergency temporary assistance for shelter, utilities, food, burial, assistance, and limited other expenses.

County eligibility

Veterans who were discharged honorably with at least 90 days outside of Basic Training, whose net income is below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, and is a county resident may be eligible.

How the Federal programs work

Disability compensation is a monetary benefit paid to Veterans who are disabled by an injury or illness while on active duty or by a presumptive condition.

Pension is a benefit paid to wartime Veterans who have limited or no income and who are aged 65 or older, or, if under 65, who are permanently and totally disabled.

In addition to the Compensation & Pension programs, Veterans may be eligible for education and training benefits, a home loan guaranty, life insurance, burial and memorial benefits, among a few other unique services.

How the County program works

This program originally was called the County Soldier’s Relief Commission founded by the Grand Army of the Republic in 1874. It is currently known as the County Commission of Veterans Affairs. Based on eligibility, A Veteran may receive limited assistance with rent, utilities, or food. Our goal is that by providing temporary county assistance, the Veteran will be able to find employment, get caught up on bills, and once again be self-sustainable.