Does court paperwork that has been efiled get forwarded to the civil office automatically?

No, paperwork is not automatically forwarded to us from the clerk of court.  You will need to bring or mail it to our office to be served.

Much of e-filed court paperwork comes with a page with the clerk of court seal at the bottom and the court case number at the top.  Many people are missing this page when they bring it to us to be served, but we need this to be included for service.  Small claims paperwork may also have a "Appearance and Answer" page to be served as well.  Please ask at the clerk's office when you file your paperwork how to print these off.

What happens after service?

If it is an efiled case: we will upload the return of service to the system after we receive payment.

If it is not an efiled case: we return it to the requester by mail after we receive payment.

If you paid $60 advanced fees and the total service fee was less, you will be issued a refund check for the difference. If it is more than $60 we will send out an invoice.

Do you have eviction notice forms to fill out?

No, we do not provide forms at our office. You will need to find these on your own, either through an online search or through the help of an attorney. Our office cannot give legal advice and are unable to tell you what notice would be appropriate for your situation.

When do you schedule evictions?

We only do evictions Mon‐Fri at 1000 unless there are extenuating circumstances. We will not schedule an eviction for the same day you drop off paperwork.  After an eviction is scheduled we will post a courtesy notice on the tenant(s) door.  There should be a minimum of 2 people per bedroom when clearing out a residence.  For example if you have a 3 bedroom house we suggest you have a minimum of 6 people to assist in moving items to the curb.  If you show up unprepared the deputy has the authority to postpone the eviction until you have adequate help available.

Can you serve someone paperwork if they are a patient at a hospital?

Typically, we only serve mental commitments, guardianship papers, or no contact orders to patients at hospitals. You will have to go through a private process server if you want other paperwork served at a hospital such as eviction notices, small claims or divorce paperwork.

Someone wrote me a bad check. What can I do?

You can come to the civil office and pick up a bad check packet to fill out. You will also need a copy of the check(s) front and back to serve along with the notice, as well as information on the person being served. Our office will then attempt to personally serve the notice to them.

What can I do with an abandoned vehicle on my property?

If you do not want the title to the vehicle you can hire a private tow company to take it away. If you want the title to keep or sell the vehicle you can contact our office and start the abandonment process, which will take up to six months.  When buying a vehicle, motorcycle, moped, etc., you should always get the title signed over to you or request a bill of sale in order to get the vehicles registered.

Can I file a commitment or no contact order at your office?

No, the clerk of court issues substance/mental commitments as well as no contact orders. Their phone number is 319‐356‐6060 if you have questions about filing.

Contact our dispatch center at 319‐356‐6800 for the following concerns

  • To file a report or to speak to a deputy
  • Reporting phone scams
  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Parking complaints
  • Warrant information
  • Reporting controlled burns
  • For emergencies dial 911