Dust Control

What can be done about the dust on my road?

Dust Alleviation Permit For Private Residents

When is the County responsibly for dust control on a road?

Dust Control Safety Program

Can I get dust control whenever I want?

Dust Alleviation Permit For Private Residents

Why did the county blade through my dust spot?

Dust Alleviation Permit For Private Residents


Winter Weather

When will my road be plowed?

Snow and Ice Removal Policy

The post office will not deliver my mail because of the snow/ mud in front of my mailbox. Will the County remove this?

No. This is the responsibility of the resident.

What are your hours of operation for winter snow removal?

Snow removal units, including those applying abrasive materials, normally will operate only during daylight hours, or shortly before daylight, Monday through Friday (approximately 4:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.), and if possible may be confined to normal work hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, the normal level of service will be implemented if conditions warrant. Only in cases of "emergency" as set out in this policy will snow removal units operate from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. In the event of a severe storm with severe drifting, all roads will be opened to one-way traffic until all rural residences have a way out. Then plowing will continue to develop two-way traffic. There is no time limit after a storm subsides within which any portion of the policy shall be implemented.

My mailbox was destroyed by your plow. Are you going to replace it?

The County shall not pay for or replace mailboxes damaged as a result of snow removal unless actual contact is made by County equipment. Residents should mark mailboxes in drift prone areas to help road workers avoid them. Claims, for damage are to be submitted to the Secondary Roads Department within 48 hours to be considered for payment or repair.

Why won’t the county plow my gravel road every time it snows?
  •  The initial effort will be to get a one-lane access open to residences as soon as possible during daylight hours after a storm has subsided.
  • After one-lane travel is possible to residences, subsequent snow removal will be carried on only during normal working hours.
  • After roads have been plowed as provided in this section, abrasive materials may be applied upon portions of stone roads as necessary and as materials allow. Priority will be given to intersections, hills and curves.
  • Snow removal units may not operate at all on dirt roads without residences.
  • Subject to the normal hours of operation described above, snow removal units will normally begin operation no later than after an accumulation of four (4) inches of snow or when the accumulation of snow has ended, whichever occurs later.



What are the requirements for putting in a new, or moving an old driveway?

Driveway requirements

Can I have more than one entrance to my property?

No.  (See Driveway requirements.)

Do I need a permit to widen or pave my driveway?

Yes.  Click here for the permit.

Is there a permit fee for driveway permits?

Yes, $285.


Roadside Vegetation

What is roadside wildlife habitat?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

Where do I purchase native grass and wildflower seed?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

Can I plant natives in my roadside? What are the policies/procedures?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

Can I put up Do not mow signs?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

What can I plant into the Right of Way?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

Who do I call if I have a road visibility/other concern?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

What do I do if I have noxious weeds in the roadside?

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management

How do I get a Do not spray sign?

Johnson County does not provide signs to landowners. Proper paperwork must be filled out in order to be involved in our Roadside Maintenance Agreement.



I think the speed on a certain road is too fast, what can be done?

Click here for speed limit information

How do I find out traffic counts for a road?

Traffic count maps

How is a road designated a level B service road?

Level B Service Road Classification