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Hoover Trail

The Hoover Trail is a planned rail-trail built on an abandoned Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad right-of-way. The trail will pass through a variety of landscapes, including woodlands, farmland, prairie and urban areas.

The trail is named for President Herbert Hoover, who was born in West Branch—one of the many towns the abandoned corridor passes through. The trail currently includes 6 open sections.

Hoover Nature Trail - Missing Link from Linn Co line to Solon - FAQ.

Hoover trail map

Iowa River Trail

Mehaffey Bridge Trail Segment

The Mehaffey Bridge segment streches from the city of North Liberty to the east side of the Mehaffey Bridge.

Mehaffey trail map


Dubuque Street Trail Segment

This segment follows Dubuque Street from the Iowa River to the North Liberty High School.

Dubuque Street trail map.

Clear Creek Trail

This trail run west out of the city of Tiffin and will end at the F.W. Park entrance.

Clear Creek trail map