Windham Village Plan First Draft available for review; public input welcome through October 14

Village plans help villages balance preservation goals and growth opportunities, as well as guide decision-making by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors and the Planning and Zoning (PZ) Commission. The Board has directed the Planning, Development and Sustainability Department (PDS) to guide Windham through the planning process.

This page provides information on opportunities for public input, which is needed to create a village plan that fits Windham. Access general information on village planning and plans for the other eight villages via the resource links at the bottom of this page.

First Draft Input Opportunity

Following up on meeting discussions and comments received to date in the Windham Village Planning process, we are sharing two documents on which public input is welcome by October 14. (These documents are also being sent by postal mail and/or email to those who live or own property within the village planning contact area.)

Click here for the First Draft of the proposed Windham Village Plan

Click here for the Potential Village Boundaries for Windham document

    How to Share Your Input

    Email PDS Assistant Director Nate Mueller at [email protected]

    Mail comments to Johnson County PDS, 913 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA 52240

    Call Nate at 319-356-6083

    Remaining Timeline and Input Opportunities

    Following the receipt of input on this First Draft, the PDS Department will review and incorporate changes as warranted based on feedback. (The resulting next draft will be the “Public Hearing Draft.”)

    We anticipate that the Public Hearing Draft will be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) at their November 14th meeting. At least two weeks prior to that meeting, we will provide you access to that draft and information on how to attend that meeting in person or virtually.

    Following the PZC hearing, the Board of Supervisors will set public hearings to consider the proposed plan, and you will have further opportunities to share input. We anticipate these hearings will be in early December.

    AUGUST 29, 2022 Meeting 2 Recap

    Nearly 24 people attended this second meeting at Renee’s Roadhouse. Assistant Director Nate Mueller reviewed outcomes of the first meeting and explained the intent of village planning. Next, he presented the draft goals and vision statement, which were based on the strengths and challenges identified in Meeting 1 and other input. There was one comment on the vision statement (that it seemed appropriate for Windham) and a suggestion to remove one draft goal. The final portion of the meeting involved discussion of the boundary. Four boundary options were provided for review. One attendee suggested that the eastern edge of any proposed boundary remain west of Orval Yoder Turnpike SW and north of Black Diamond Road due to contour and water drainage concerns. Beyond this feedback, the proposed boundaries generated little comment, with attendees preferring to have more time to consider the proposed boundaries and provide feedback directly to PDS staff outside of a public meeting setting.

    Please see the meeting 2 summary here for a detailed recap of the August 29th meeting.

    JULY 18, 2022 Meeting 1 Recap

    The County thanks the dozens of area residents who attended the first planning meeting on July 18 at Renee’s Roadhouse and/or later gave input. At that meeting, Supervisors Pat Heiden and Rod Sullivan and County staff outlined the importance of village planning and answered questions about the purpose and process. Participants shared thoughts on the village’s strengths and challenges, which help form the basis for the village vision and goals, and staff introduced ideas for a possible boundary. In addition, comments were sent directly to the PDS office.

    Please see the meeting 1 summary here for a detailed recap of the July 18th meeting.

    Village Planning Resources

    The planning process as well as the plan and defined village boundary, once adopted, will not require anyone to change how they use their property or its current zoning. The plan and village boundary also have no effect on anyone's taxes. What the plan and boundary help with is to provide the opportunity for appropriate development for those who might want to pursue it.

    Learn about the public input process and what a village plan does and doesn't do here

    Access other village plans and the comprehensive plan here

    Access economic development planning information here

    Or visit our office at in the County Administration Building (second-floor) at 913 S. Dubuque Street in Iowa City to access these documents in person.

    For more information, contact Nate Mueller, PDS Assistant Director, at (319) 356-6083 or by email at [email protected]