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No additional Tax Clinics for Calendar Year 2024 are currently scheduled   


Get your taxes completed and filed for FREE!

Don’t pay a fee to get your refund! The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program offers free tax help to people who need assistance in preparing and filing their tax return.

2 easy ways to file!

Schedule an appointment to have your tax return completed by an IRS certified tax preparer.

No times available? Be sure to check back. New appointments will be added throughout the tax season. Tax preparation available for households earning less than $64,000 in 2023. Appointments at the Iowa City Public Library, 123 S. Linn St.


File your taxes for free, anytime, anywhere. Get help with your tax questions from VITA volunteers who are IRS-certified.

This year we have two ways for you to file your 2023 federal and state income taxes for free. Before choosing the product you will use, read the eligibility requirements to determine which will work for you. Then use the links at the bottom of this page to start your return.

TaxAct: Eligibility Requirements

  • Household total income under $79,000 AND taxpayer age between 20 – 58


  • Household total income under (AGI) under $79,000 AND Active Duty Military

Online Taxes: Eligibility Requirements

  • Household total income under $79,000

Your state return is free if you qualify for a free federal return.

Ready to start? Use the link below for the product that works for you.

Tax help from IRS certified VITA volunteers

Who is eligible to schedule a VITA tax preparation appointment?

  • Must be a Johnson County resident
  • Have 2023 household income of $64,000 or less

VITA cannot provide tax preparation assistance for the following:

  • Households with more than five stock trades in 2023
  • If you received Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, as an award, reward or payment for property or services.
  • If you sold Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, or used it to pay for any goods, services or other property.
  • Self-employed AND held inventory or had more than $10,000 in expenses or had business loss
  • You use your home for business and want to declare part of your home as a business expense
  • You made money by renting your home or other residence for more than 14 days
  • You are a farm owner who generated income from raising/selling farm animals or crops
  • You are in the military and had moving expenses or had non-taxable pay

International Students and Scholars: Contact [email protected] for more information about our VITA schedule for international students and scholars. These sessions are separate from our sessions for U.S. citizens and green card holders.

If you completed your taxes last year at the Old Capitol Mall, a student from the Tippie College of Business will be contacting you to schedule an appointment. Please do not schedule an appointment through this site.

Items you must bring:

  • Driver’s license, state photo ID, or other government issued photo ID for you (and your spouse if filing a joint return)
  • Social Security cards or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Letters for everyone on the return (you, spouse and dependents)
    • If you need a replacement social security card, go to https://www.ssa.govnumber-card to find the best way to  get one
    • If you or a dependent, needs an ITIN, we can help you apply for one. Bring your passport and the passport of the person who needs the ITIN to your VITA appointment.
  • Birthdates for you, your spouse, and all dependents
  • Wage and earning statements (Form W-2 or 1099-NEC) from all employers in 2023
  • Social Security year-end benefit statement (SSA-1099) you received
  • 1099-R (retirement distribution statement) forms you received
  • Bank interest (1099-INT) forms you received
  • Any other income-related forms you received including 1099-MISC (other income), 1099-G (government payments, including unemployment), 1099-B (brokerage statements), and W-2G (gambling income)
  • If you had health insurance, your 1095-A form
  • Bank routing number and checking/savings account number if you want direct deposit
  • Last year’s state and federal tax return if you filed
  • IRS Identity Protection Personal Identification Number or IPPIN, if you have one
  • Any letters received from the IRS
  • To file taxes electronically on a married-filing-jointly tax return, both spouses must be present to sign the required forms.

Items to bring if they apply to you:

  • Amount of interest from bank accounts if no 1099 issued. You can bring a year-end statement.
  • Proof of child care expenses paid (statement from provider with EIN# or Social Security #)
  • Student loan interest statement (1098E)
  • Tuition statements (1098T) for you, your spouse, or your dependents
  • If you are a K-12 teacher, total of unreimbursed classroom expenses
  • If you installed energy efficient home items such as windows, furnace, insulation, the receipt for the amount you paid
  • Statement of how much money you put into an IRA
  • Any other information you have that you think may be related to your return

If you are self-employed, including driving Lyft or Uber:

  • A list of income including tips and any 1099- NEC forms you received
  • A list of your business expenses, totaled by category
  • Business mileage totals

If you own a home or paid over $2,000 out-of-pocket for medical expenses:

  • Mortgage interest statement (1098)
  • Property taxes paid in 2023 if they are not on your mortgage statement
  • Receipts for charitable contributions and the total
  • Vehicle registration amount
  • Out of pocket medical payments, including health insurance premiums, medical, dental, vision, hospital, pharmacy costs, and mileage to and from medical appointments.

For questions regarding the VITA program email [email protected].

Please call Johnson County Social Services at 319-356-6090 to request translation services for VITA tax preparation clinics.


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