These regulations apply to new one and two family dwellings and additions consisting of more than 25% of the existing structure. The minimum accessibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Interior doors: At least one bedroom, one bathroom and all other passage doorway header widths, on the level served by the designed step-less entrance, shall be framed to accommodate a minimum 38” rough opening. The actual framing may be reduced to accommodate any door size. Exception: Doors serving closets 24” or less in depth do not require a 38” rough opening.
  2. Switch and outlet requirements: All wall switches, controlling light fixtures and fans, all temperature control devices and all receptacles shall be located in an area between 15” and 48” above the finished floor.
  3. Electrical panel requirements: Electrical panels shall be located so that the individual circuit breakers are located between 15” and 54” above the finished floor.
  4. Sanitation facilities: There must be at least one bathroom containing a water closet, lavatory and a shower or bathtub located on the level of the dwelling accessed by a step-less entrance. The room must be designed in a manner that will provide a minimum of 30” by 48” clear floor space at the water closet and lavatory. Exception: If a proposed bathroom design shows that a shower or bathtub can be provided within the room or an adjoining room then the shower or bathtub is not required.
  5. Wall reinforcement: One bathroom must be provided with wood blocking located in all walls adjacent to and behind a water closet, shower or bathtub to support grab bars as needed. The wood blocking, when measured to the center, will be located between 33” and 36” above the  finished floor.
  6. Step-less entrance: At least one building entrance must be designed on an accessible route  served by a ramp in accordance with section R311.8 or a no-step entrance. The accessible route must extend from a vehicular drop-off, or parking at a building entrance. The entry door must have a minimum clear opening of 32”.
  7. Garages: Must be wired for power operated overhead doors.
  8. Decks: All exterior deck and patio surfaces adjacent to the level served by the designed  step-less entrance must be built within 4” of the dwellings finished floor level or top of the threshold whichever is higher.

The above regulations are abbreviated. For a complete list of these regulations please consult the Johnson County Building Code.