Solar Photovoltaic applications for projects in the unincorporated areas of Johnson County, or in Oxford, Shueyville, or Swisher are reviewed by Johnson County building inspectors. Please review and use this submittal requirements checklist to facilitate the review of your project. An additional form is required for roof-mounted projects (see below for details). Utility-scale projects must first go through a rezoning or conditional use permit process; which pathway to follow is determined by the proposed project total use area (acres).

Within three (3) business days, Inspection Services will endeavor to review all solar array permits, regardless of size, and contact the applicant with approval, request for more information, or rejection. For ground-mounted arrays, within the three business days, the Public Health Department is also informed of the application. Their staff reviews the septic system(s) location, and if necessary, schedules an inspection; this additional review and potential inspection may result in additional time to review and issue a permit.


A solar array requires a building permit and the following shall be submitted:

1. Application form

When filling out the form be sure to:

  • State the amount of kW (DC) to be installed and whether the system is a stand-alone, grid-tied, or hybrid system.
  • List the name and contact information for a licensed electrical contractor.

2. Permit fee

A fee is due at time of permit issuance. The fee for a residential installation is $100. The fee for commercial work is based on the valuation of the installation, and shall include the wiring, inverters, transfer switches, solar panels and racking system.

3. Building Plans

The building plans shall show all information for the applicable type of PV system.

Ground Mounted:

  • Provide a drawing that shows configuration and means of connection of the racking system (or poles) and size of the supporting footings.
  • Provide a site plan showing that the furthest projection of the installation will meet the setback requirements for the property.

Roof Mounted:

  • Provide a drawing that shows the racking configuration and the surrounding clearances.
  • Fill out the “Residential Roof-Mounted Solar PV Verification Form” to verify that the roof will support the additional weight.



Solar arrays require the following inspections:

Footings: If a footing is to be installed, it shall be inspected prior to pouring concrete.

Final: Once the panels are mounted to their supporting structure and all wiring and connections are completed, a final inspection shall be performed.



The following checklists will be a helpful reference for submittal of your plans. Incomplete information may result in plan rejection or delay in the approval of your project.

Site Plan: For ground-mounted equipment, provide a site plan showing:

  • The location of all disconnects.
  • The location of all modules.
  • The location of inverters.
  • The location and connection of all grounding electrode conductors.
  • The clearances around all equipment.
  • Dimensions between equipment and structures.
  • Dimensions between equipment and property lines.

Wiring Requirements: Provide a one-line diagram that includes the following information:

  • Conductor sizes.
  • Conductor insulation types (i.e., THHN, THWN, direct burial cable, etc.).
  • Conductor material (i.e., copper/aluminum).
  • Conduit sizes.
  • Conduit material (i.e., non-metallic, EMT, etc.).
  • Over current device ratings.
  • Existing and new panel amperage ratings (buss ratings).
  • Series and parallel configuration of the module connections.

Equipment: Provide product listing sheets for all equipment with the following information:

  • Module short circuit current ratings.
  • Module open circuit voltage ratings.
  • Module series fuse ratings.
  • Inverter output circuit current rating.
  • Inverter UL listings.
  • All associated documentation (batteries, inverters, disconnects, modules, charge controllers, over-current devices etc.).
  • Method of grounding for modules and array.

Panels: Please see item #3 Building Plans.

Questions? Contact the Building Division at 319-356-6085.


Version: 2018 April