Josh Busard


Josh Busard, Director


Nate Mueller

Assistant Director

Nate Mueller, Assistant Director


Luke McClanahan

Assistant Planner

Luke McClanahan, Assistant Planner


Neil Bombei

Lead Building Inspector

Neil Bombei, Lead Building Inspector


David Tornow

Combination Inspector

David Tornow, Combination Inspector


Bret McLaughlin

Combination Inspector

Bret McLaughlin, Combination Inspector


Brandon Davis

Code Enforcement Inspector

Brandon Davis, Code Enforcement Inspector


Jeff Huff

Zoning Aide

Jeff Huff, Zoning Aide


Nancy Rockensies

Secretary II

Nancy Rockensies, Secretary II


Maya Simon

Planning Intern

Maya Simon, Planning Intern


Julia Dodds

Clerk II

Julia Dodds, Clerk II


Becky Soglin

Sustainability Coordinator

Becky Soglin, Sustainability Coordinator


Kasey Hutchinson

Soil and Water Conservation Coordinator

Kasey Hutchinson, Soil and Water Conservation Coordinator