Floodplain Development

Description: Any development in designated Special Flood Hazard Areas (as identified by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency) must apply for a Flood Plain Development Permit.

Important considerations: All structures, including those deemed agriculturally exempt, are subject to flood plain development standards. Contact Planning, Development, and Sustainability staff for information on the location of flood hazard areas.

Deciding body: Zoning Administrator

Application fee: $100 for grading, excavating, filling, or engineered/designed crossings; $500 for all buildings and all other construction

Filing deadline:  Continuous/None (applications may be submitted at any time)

Estimated timeline: Varied. Simple requests may be approved in a few business days, but many projects require review and comment by the US Army Corps of Engineers and/or the Iowa DNR depending on the individual circumstances.


Click here for the Floodplain Development Permit Application Form


Johnson County has adopted a Flood Plain Management Ordinance. As part of these provisions, a Flood Plain Development Permit must be obtained before development can occur in designated flood-prone areas. Copies of digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) are available on the county's Property Information View (available her). Please contact the Johnson County PDS Department  for information on the location of flood plains and floodplain development. Applications for Floodplain Development Permits should be submitted to PDS and must include the following information:

  • A legal description of the property.
  • Cost and market value estimates.
  • An indication of the use and occupancy for which the proposed work is intended.
  • Elevations of the 100-year flood level (established by a registered land surveyor, engineer, or architect), the lowest habitable floor of the building, and the "as built" habitable floor of the building once completed


Click to see the FEMA flood plain management regulations for construction or reconstruction in flood damaged areas