The Iowa caucuses are not conducted by our office, since they are not an election. The caucuses are meetings conducted by the three full status political parties (Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian), which set the rules, locations, and procedures.

All three parties had a caucus at 7 PM Monday, January 15. The Republicans and Libertarians had presidential voting at their caucuses. The Democrats only conducted party business at their caucuses and had a mail-in presidential vote. It is against the law to participate in more than one party's caucus (i.e. if you attended the Republican or Libertarian caucus you could not also request a ballot for the Democratic mail-in vote.)

All parties require caucus attendees to register with the party in order to participate, and allowed registration and re-registration on caucus night.

Republican Caucus

Johnson County Results (source: Republican Party of Iowa)

Attendance 3578

Nikki Haley 1271
Donald Trump 1270
Ron DeSantis 755
Vivek Ramaswamy 256
Ryan Binkley 13
Asa Hutchinson 8
Chris Christie 3
Other 2

Johnson County Republican Caucus Locations (updated December 21 - updated locations highlighted)

Republicans conducted a straw poll for President by secret ballot. The whole caucus then elected delegates and alternates to the county convention. There was no absentee voting - you had to attend in person in order to vote.

Johnson County Republicans

Phone: 319-333-2920
Republican Party of Iowa

Democratic Caucus

Johnson County Results (source: Iowa Democratic Party)

Total voters 1567

Joe Biden 1390
Uncommitted 98
Dean Phillips 43
Marianne Williamson 35

Caucus Information Page - Iowa Democratic Party

Johnson County Democratic Caucus Locations

The Iowa Democratic Party made major changes to its caucus process for 2024. On January 15, Democrats met for party business only. Presidential voting was entirely conducted by mail.

Democrats could request a "presidential preference card" (ballot) from the Iowa Democratic Party. The request deadline was February 19, and ballots must be postmarked by March 5 to be counted. Please note that it is against Iowa law to participate in more than one party's caucus - if you attended the Republican or Libertarian caucus, you could not request a ballot from the Democrats.

The Iowa Democratic Party announced preliminary results of the mail-in vote on March 5 and final results on March 16. Delegates to the congressional district, state, and national conventions will be allocated based on the results of the mail-in vote.

Johnson County Democrats
Phone 319-337-8683
Iowa Democratic Party
Libertarian Caucus

The Libertarians earned full party status in the 2022 election and will hold a caucus in 2024. The Libertarians conducted a non-binding presidential preference poll at the caucus.

Libertarian Statewide Results

The Johnson County Libertarians held one caucus for the whole county at the Coralville Public Library, 1401 5th St. (Meeting Room B).

Johnson County Libertarians (Facebook)

Libertarian Party of Iowa caucus page

Past Johnson County Caucus Results

Because the caucuses aren't elections, we're not in charge of results. The results below were provided by the parties or reported to the press.

Through 2016, Democrats reported only delegate counts and attendance, and no vote totals.

Republicans did not hold straw polls in years when a Republican president was seeking re-election (1984, 1992, 2004), but did hold a straw vote in 2020.