The Johnson County Empowerment Board makes decisions about allocating state and federal funding to assist families in the county with children ages 0-5, as well as facilitating community collaboration and coordination of services for all citizens.

Board Membership is open to members of the public who are not employed by a provider of services to or for the Board.  Membership is also open to elected officials.  In addition to other interested individuals, Board membership must include individuals who represent the interests of business, education, faith, health, and human services.  The Board must also include at least one individual who is a consumer of services provided through JCE funding.

The Johnson County Empowerment Board values diversity of opinion and believes diversity enhances and enriches the culture of the Board, its conversations, and the decision-making process.

Board Agendas and Minutes

Board Members

Angel Taylor, Chairperson
Cheryl Collins, Secretary
Emily O’Sheridan-Tabor, Treasurer
Jon Green, Fiscal Agent Representative
Veronica Armstrong
Angela Bertolino
TyJuan Connell
Kaniz Fatema
Richard Stern Lipman
Marguerite Oetting
Jackie Perkins
Julie Reid
Lori Roetlin
Branden Sobaski
Joan Tephly


Committees & Work Groups

The Johnson County Empowerment/ECIA Board utilizes a committee structure to support administration of the board and board activities.  Current standing committees include:

  • Executive/Fiscal
  • Nominating

In addition to standing committees, the board utilizes work groups to address specific topics and needs.  Unlike committees, work groups often include membership from outside of the elected board.  Current work groups include:

  • Early Education
  • Parent Education & Family Support
  • Health 

All Board, committee, and work group meetings are open to the public.  Community and board member participated is invited in all activities.

For more information contact:

Empowerment Early Childhood Coordinator
[email protected]