Resolution 02-17-11-02

Whereas, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors owns certain property in Johnson County, Iowa; including, but not limited to, the Administration building; the Ambulance building; the Conservation Education Center, the Conservation Headquarters; the Conservation maintenance shop; the Health and Human Services building; the Johnson County Courthouse; the SEATS building; the Secondary Roads buildings; and parks and recreation areas; and

Whereas, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, through the Johnson County employee handbook, have prohibited employees from bringing dangerous weapons into county buildings for many years as a security measure and for providing a safe workplace for county employees and the public; and

Whereas, other county policies and regulations provide for the safety of Johnson County employees and the public;

Whereas, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors for many years has prohibited dangerous weapons in the courthouse as a security measure for employees, the judiciary, and the public; and

Whereas, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors desires all Johnson County facilities and property to be safe for employees and the general public.

Therefore Be It Resolved by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors:

  1. Any firearm or other dangerous weapon, as defined in Iowa Code section 702.7, is prohibited in any Johnson County owned building, vehicle, park, recreation area, and the grounds and parking lots of any county0owned buildings, except dangerous weapons lawfully left in locked private vehicles.
  2. Law enforcement officers, active military personnel, correctional officers, and prisoner transport personnel who are required to carry firearms while on county property or in any vehicle utilized by law enforcement, as part of their duties, are exempt from this policy.
  3. The Johnson County Sheriff is authorized to grant prior written approval to a weapons permit holder to enter county buildings and property for limited times when the permit holder needs to enter county property.
  4. The Johnson County Conservation Board may authorize firearms and other dangerous weapons to be permitted for training sessions and hunting on Conservation Board controlled property, including the parks and recreation areas.
  5. Johnson County may implement other security measures to protect the safety of personnel and the general public in Johnson County buildings, grounds, and parking lots.