Social Security Administration

Help with your prescription drug costs: Help in planning your retirement: Strategies to boost your benefits: bottom_line.html?cmp=NLC-WBLTR-CTRL-81409-F1 Estimating your benefits: The Retirement Estimator produces estimates that are based on your actual Social Security earnings record. Retirement estimates are just that, estimates.

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Shelter House

Since 1983, Shelter House has provided safe shelter and helped people improve the quality of their lives as they move beyond homelessness. We began in an old home in Iowa City with a capacity of 29 sleeping spaces including beds, couches, and mats on the floor. Today, Shelter House operates a 70-bed emergency shelter in addition to four homes and an apartment building through which we provide 47 permanent supportive housing units.

429 Southgate Ave
Iowa City, IA 52240
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