Johnson County SEATS wants to know about your experiences using SEATS, and how to better serve our customers. Please mark or check all of the answers that apply for each question. Add written comments.


Where do you live?
How often do you ride SEATS?
What other transportation services do you use in Johnson County? Check all that apply
Have you used paratransit services outside Johnson County?
How would you describe your overall satisfaction with SEATS?
Tell us about yourself. Check all that apply
Do you use an aid or device when you ride SEATS? Check all that apply
How often do you call SEATS to schedule a ride?
Are your phone calls to SEATS answered promptly?
Is the reservationist polite and helpful in scheduling your ride?
How many times has SEATS been unable to schedule a ride for the day and time you requested in the past year?
How many times have you turned down a ride SEATS offered you for the day you requested in the past year?
Are SEATS vans kept neat and clean?
Do SEATS vans arrive on time?
If SEATS vans arrive late, they arrive:
Has SEATS ever failed to pick you up for a ride in the past year?
Has SEATS ever failed to pick you up for a return ride in the past year?
Are SEATS drivers polite and courteous?
Do drivers help you to and from the van?
Do the drivers help you carry packages if you need help? Check all that apply
Do the drivers properly attend to mobility aids, equipment tie-downs, brakes and passenger seatbelts?
Do you feel safe when you ride SEATS vans?
If you have ever felt unsafe riding SEATS, it was because of: Check all that apply
SEATS drivers respond to riders who are violent, noisy or disruptive by: Check all that apply
Which, if any, of these actions disturb or annoy you when riding SEATS? Check all that apply
Please tell us the number one thing SEATS could do to improve service?
What else could SEATS do to improve service? Check your other top priorities.
Any other comments or concerns?
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