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  • Images begin January 1840
  • Indexing begins November 1983

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  • Always use a 0 (zero) as a place holder
  • Example: 01-77-06


  • Releases and assignments before May 5, 2003 are not always linked to the corresponding mortgage
  • View image for marginal notations or do a name search on individual


Covenants & Restrictions

  • Covenants are often found with the subdivision proceeding papers
  • Covenants can also be filed as separate documents.  This is usually done if something is being amended, added, or was forgotten when the original papers were signed.


To search

  • Enter subdivision name under Last/Firm Name (field)
  • Click SEARCH - Show Names List
  • Checkmark all applicable boxes and click Return Selected Names


Search tips

  • Only put in name of subdivision.  Don't include the word subdivision or addition.
  • Look for spelling variations (Example: Sometimes Part 5 is Part Five or Part V)