In 2017, the Legislature revised Iowa's election schedule. The city and school elections have been combined in November of odd-numbered years, and there will no longer be a separate school election in September of odd years,

Dates and Deadlines

  • July 8: First day to request mailed absentee ballot
  • August 12 - 29: Filing period for Iowa City and University Heights city candidates. File with Auditor's Office.
  • August 26 - September 19:
    • Filing period for school candidates. File with school board secretary (NOT with our office)
    • Filing period for all cities other than Iowa City and University Heights. File with Auditor's Office
  • September 2: Labor Day, office closed
  • October 7: First day for voting at Auditor's Office. Voting available weekdays 7:45 to 5:30. First day to send mailed ballots.
  • October 8: City primary daye; primary was NOT needed in Iowa city or University Heights
  • October 14: County does not observe federal Columbus Day holiday; office open
  • October 25: Pre-registration deadline and mailed absentee ballot request deadline for November 5 election, 5 PM. Voters may still register after this date using the election day registration procedure. In-person early voting is still available after this date.
  • November 4: Last day for in-person early voting at Auditor's Office, 7:45 to 5:30 PM. Postmark deadline for mailed absentee ballots.
  • November 5: Election Day. Polls open 7 AM to 8 PM. There are no longer separate school precincts, and nearly all voters will vote at their regular general election polling places. Exceptions.
    • Cedar Township will vote with Big Grove at the Solon Public Library rather than the Fire Station
    • Coralville 1 will vote with Coralville 4 at the Coralville Public Library rather than City Hall.

Voter ID will be required for election day voters. (The "oath" option that was in effect for 2018 general election has expired.

Under a recent court ruling, IDs or ID numbers are required for early voters or for mailed absentee ballots, but the Auditor's Office is allowed to use the voter lookup system to find numbers that are not provided by the voter.