Social Services

Johnson County Social Services is accepting applications for infant and toddler scholarships. Applications are available at and will be considered on a first-received, first-considered basis. The Infant and Toddler Scholarship Program can assist parents in paying for a quality early education for their children while they work. This program is a result of Johnson County’s investment of funds received from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Scholarships are available for children who have not yet turned 3 years old by Sept. 15, 2023. They cannot be used to replace Head Start slots or Child Care Assistance funds. The Infant and Toddler Scholarships help fund quality early education at the family’s chosen eligible program, which must meet quality rating standards (please contact Johnson County Empowerment for more information). Families must meet income and employment eligibility guidelines and reside in Johnson County. 

Ensuring that every child begins school healthy and ready to learn is crucial. Many children benefit from quality early educational experiences. Studies show that children in high-quality childcare demonstrate greater school readiness and success through second grade compared to those in low-quality care. However, not every parent can afford quality early education. The Johnson County Social Services Infant and Toddler Scholarship Program may be able to help.

More information can be found by visiting or by contacting Johnson County Empowerment/Early Child Iowa Area at 319-356-6090 or [email protected].

Johnson County is committed to utilizing ARPA to enhance investments in public services and maximize the impacts of our local fiscal recovery allocation. The County's ARPA Team has been working since February 2021 to research and discuss the many aspects of this funding. Johnson County solicited public input from May to October 2021 using a series of online surveys and tools as well as six in-person public input sessions held throughout the county.

More information about ARPA and how it impacts Johnson County is available at