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If you struggle with hearing loss or speech difficulties during phone calls, we may be able to assist you! Telecommunications Access Iowa helps individuals get specialized telecommunications equipment at little to know cost. Qualified individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or have difficulty speaking can receive a voucher for approximately 95-99 percent of the average cost of specialized equipment that aids them in communicating over the telephone. Amplified phones, iPads, and accessories are available to purchase through this voucher.

Kelsey Seaberg
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Diana Kautzky

6925 Hickman Rd
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8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday


To be eligible to receive a voucher for equipment under the program, a person must satisfy the following standards. Be an Iowa resident Be at least 5 years of age or able to use the telecommunications equipment Have phone service now or plan on getting it (not needed for the iPad requirements) Confirm that the equipment you are asking for would make telecommunications use easier for you Confirm your income is less than what is listed in the chart below: Number in Family Annual Income Limit 1 $56,000 2 $65,000 3 $74,000 4 $83,000 Qualifying individuals can re-apply after 5 years. If your hearing or speech difficulties change within five years, you may be eligible to re-apply.

Cost of Service

If qualified, an individual will receive a voucher that pays 95-99 percent of the cost of specialized telecommunications equipment. Any remaining balance must be paid by the individual.

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