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Guardian Security Systems, Inc., or GuardianIowa, has been in business for the past 24 years providing monitored security, fire and medical emergency response equipment and services to clients in Eastern Iowa. GuardianIowa has met the requirements necessary to be licensed by the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Owner, John Hadley, holds the highest level of certification for fire alarm systems by the National Institute of Engineering Technologies (NICET). GuardianIowa is bonded and insured. Our security and fire response systems are tailored to our client's unique residential or business environment, activity and lifestyle; designed to give optimum protection, prevent false alarms and provide user-friendly operation. Our emergency response monitoring stations are UL Certified and maintain state-of-the art monitoring facilities. Like our security and fire protection systems, our monitored personal emergency response systems (PERS), personal locator systems and care-giver supervised medical alert systems meet the standards of the National Electrical Code and UL Home Health Care Signaling equipment. Our emergency monitoring and medical call centers are UL certified and HIPAA compliant. For emergency response, our trained operators will be able to converse with you through the console or pendant as the operator asks pertinent questions, dispatches the local emergency medical service (EMS) and immediately calls back or texts a chosen responsible person. Our Instant Care personal emergency response system incorporates an additional service--a nurse call line service for rapid access to answers to your urgent medical questions and subsequent dispatch of a medical report to your primary care givers. Getting immediate access to a board-certified nurse triage service at the touch of a button has proven to effectively manage a client's personal care to a medical office or care-giver other than a hospital emergency department. The medical report that is generated after each conversation can be sent to your primary care physician and/or home health agency's on-call nurse, thus helping to prevent medical complications and hospital re-admissions. The Instant Care PERS is a prevention systems as well as a quick and reliable emergency communication system! We have found that the private pay client, who pays a deductible amount according to their insurance plan, by avoiding just one unnecessary trip to a hospital emergency department will pay for one year of Instant Care service. Our personal health technologies have been selected to offer our clients an opportunity for improved health and more energy. All are are based on our simple formula: Pure Air + Pure Water + Pure Food + Blood Circulation Enhancement = ENERGY! All of our non-invasive technologies can be used privately at home; many can be used away from home, while you're on-the-go. Please visit our web site,, for more information.

John Hadley
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John Hadley

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Iowa City, IA 52246
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8am-5pm Monday through Friday


Clients who use our services are A: those persons who are at risk and need monitored emergency response service, 24/7 nurse line medical advice, GPS personal locator service or caregiver-supervised alert systems due to various medical conditions or the need for quick answers to critical medical questions; or B: persons wanting non-invasive, FDA registered technologies that can be used privately for therapy, disease prevention and health improvement.

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A personal telephone consultation will help you decide which of our varied products and services are best suited for your needs. We offer our products and services on a month-by-month rental or a purchase plan.

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