The Tanning Facility and Tattoo Establishment Inspection program is a contractual program in which authority to enforce the Iowa Code Chapters 136D, and 135.37 respectively have been delegated to JCPH by the Iowa Department of Public Health. JCPH inspects these facilities on an annual basis to determine compliance with the Iowa Code.

For any additional questions or information, please contact one of the Environmental Health Specialists at Johnson County Public Health: 319-356-6040.

Tanning Facility Regulations & Information

Steps to Obtain a License for Tanning Facilities
Iowa Department of Public Health Tanning Facility Program
641 Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 38
641 Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 46
Health Warnings and Photosensitizing Drug List - Iowa Department of Public Health
Rules for Electrically Controlled Tanning Facilities
Operation Requirements

Tattoo Establishment Regulations & Information

Iowa Department of Public Health Tattoo Establishment Program
641 IAC, Chapter 22; Tattoo Regulations (Effective 9/7/2016)
Iowa Code Section 135.37
Licensed Tattoo Establishments
Licensed Tattoo Artists
Health and Safety of Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers, and Their Clients