There are two death review teams in Johnson County - one for children age 17 and under and one for older adults age 60 and older. The purpose of these teams is to identify potential preventable factors that caused or contributed to the death of a child or older adult in Johnson County. The teams work to develop initiatives to reduce preventable deaths.

To develop these initiatives, the death review teams use a multidisciplinary approach to improve understanding of issues relevant to deaths that occur in at-risk populations of children and older adults. Information from these case reviews helps identify trends and risk factors associated with these deaths. Understanding the risk factors associated with these deaths may help the teams translate these lessons into actions and initiatives to reduce similar deaths in the future.

The Johnson County Medical Examiner Department (JCME) has a critical role in bringing awareness of potentially preventable deaths to the public. The JCME collaborates with Elder Services, the Heritage Area Agency on Aging, the Johnson County Department of Human Services, the Johnson County Department of Public Health, the Johnson County Attorney’s Office, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the Iowa City Police Department, community, hospital and school based social workers, community based nurses, and local physicians specializing in geriatrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine and forensic pathology to form the Johnson County death review teams.

See these links for more information about the Johnson County death review teams.

Child Death Review Team
Older Adult Death Review Team