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Leaf Bullet Point Johnson County Warms Up to Solar Farms

Farmers Electric Coop Solar Farm InspectionFour acres may seem like a lot of ground to cover for one building inspection. Two of Johnson County's Planning and Zoning inspectors did so on a July 2014, and there was no building on the site. Instead, the inspectors were checking what will soon be the largest solar farm in not only Johnson County but also the entire state. Owned by Farmers Electric Cooperative, the Frytown site will annually generate about 800 kilowatts of power for two nearby agriculture businesses. Story continues



Leaf Bullet PointLicense Plate Recycling
License plate collection box  

Got an old aluminum or steel vehicle license plate to recycle?

Use the 24-hour drop-off box near the front entrance of the County Administration Building, located at 913 S. Dubuque Street in Iowa City. 

Recycling your license plate reduces landfill demands--and proceeds from the scrap go to charity.






 Leaf Bullet Point
Open Space and Conservation
The Johnson County Conservation Department manages
parks, prairies and river access areas and provides visitors recreational opportunities and nature programming

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Green Building Certification Program
Green Building Certification Program logo 

 Recognizes builders of new, single-family homes that include green features and construction practices. This free program applies only to new construction in unincorporated areas.





 Leaf Bullet PointJohnson County Land Use Plan
Creates a vision for growth and development in appropriate locations while preserving and protecting agricultural and environmentally sensitive land.


 Leaf Bullet PointRural Cluster Zoning District Ordinance
Encourages the protection and conservation of open spaces through the clustering of residential lots.


 Leaf Bullet PointStormwater Management Ordinance
Requires stormwater management plans for major subdivisions and site plans to manage the effects on water quality and quantity. Contact Kate Giannini, our Soil and Water Conservation Specialist, for assistance: kgiannin(at)


 Leaf Bullet PointWind Power
The county's Small Wind Innovation Designation and
2012 Wind Generator Amendment help residents in unincorporated areas take advantage of wind power.


 Leaf Bullet PointRelated Memberships and Affiliations
Johnson County is a member of the
National Association of Counties (NACo) and the U.S. Green Building Council, which provides sustainability resources and tools. We also participate in the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Roundtable.