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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

It is the mission of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors to enhance the quality of life of residents by providing exceptional public services in a collaborative, responsive, and fiscally-accountable manner. True to our mission, the Board will take a three-pronged approach to utilizing Johnson County's American Rescue Plan Act funding:

  • stabilize our community; 
  • strategize together to invest in future prosperity; and
  • organize our resources to enable an inclusive recovery from COVID-19.

Johnson County, along with state and local government entities across the Country, awaits additional guidance and administrative rules from the U.S. Treasury to safeguard the compliant and equitable deployment of funds. Once this critical component is received, Johnson County will work diligently to seek public input to address the needs of our residents, workers, small businesses, and community partners. These input sessions will inform decision-making and program development to ensure ARPA investments are not merely a brief stimulus, but seed a new trajectory of inclusive economic growth for all people in Johnson County.

The Board, with our community network of civic, business, and philanthropic stakeholders, will develop funding priorities and programs in a collaborative and transparent manner. The Board appreciates public engagement and shared perspectives, but cannot effectively respond to these addresses until U.S. Treasury guidance is available. Johnson County is building processes, operations, and resources to enhance investments in public services and maximize the impacts of our local fiscal recovery allocation, and the many other funded program areas of the $1.9 trillion legislation.

For additional information on the American Rescue Plan Act, please visit the National Association of Counties funding breakdown website

Please direct any specific questions regarding American Rescue Plan Act funding to Donna Brooks, Grants Coordinator, and Ray Forsythe, Special Projects Manager