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The Johnson County Finance Department was established in 2013. The department utilizes prudent, professionally recognized management practices and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to protect the financial condition of the County.

Johnson County Iowa has won the Government Finance Officers Association Comprehensive Annual Finance Report Award 6 times, the Budget Book award 5 times, and the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) award 4 times.

Financial Transparency
Our goal is to provide citizens with a transparent look at the county finances. Transparency ensures accountability and allows citizens to see how every penny of the money they send to their government is spent. This website allows you to scrutinize the county budget, quarterly and monthly reports, financial statements, financial policies, transparency portal, and links to additional county finance resources. We strive to hold your government accountable for how every dollar is spent.

The data presented in the transparency portal is raw data and may not agree with any audited financial statements.

The Transparency Portal works best if using the following browsers: Internet Explorer, version 9 and above, Chrome, version 31 and above, Safari, version 5.1 and above, and Firefox, version 32 and above. Additionally, the Portal may take a minute to load.

The Finance Department provides these services to the County:

  • Develops the annual operating budget and compiles the annual Budget Book
  • Prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial ReportĀ 
  • Coordinates financial aspects of the Capital Improvement Plan
  • Advises the Board of Supervisors on financial issues
  • Analyzes and issues debt
  • Establishes and reviews financial policies
  • Facilitates the annual external audit
  • Administers risk management
  • Provides long-range financial planning