Reviewing Liquor License, Beer Permit and Wine Permit Applications  

Effective July 1, 1988


4:2.1       Purpose
4:2.2       Investigation of the Applicant
4:2.3       Requirements for Premises

4:2.1 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for local review of liquor license, beer permit and wine permit applications in accordance with Chapter 123, Iowa Code.

4:2.2 Investigation of the Applicant.

A.  It shall be the responsibility of the applicant for a liquor control license, beer permit or wine permit, or a renewal of any of these, to obtain the appropriate application from the County Auditor.  The application must be submitted to the county sheriff and secondly, to the county attorney, prior to submission to the Board of Supervisors.  The county sheriff and the county attorney must each make an investigation to determine if the applicant is of good moral character as defined in Section 123.3(26) of the Iowa Code, and recommend in writing approval or disapproval of the application.  With regard to a renewal application, that investigation shall include any relevant information about prior operations under the license or permit.[11]

B. If the recommendation is for disapproval, the official shall attach a memorandum of explanation to the application prior to returning it to the applicant. The memorandum shall set forth such facts and conclusions as were a factor in such recommendation for disapproval.  

C. The official must complete the investigation and, if applicable, the memorandum of explanation, by the end of the fifth working day following receipt of the application.  Though the recommendation may be for disapproval, the application shall be deemed approved and promptly returned to the applicant if, at the end of five working days,  

  1.   no written recommendation has been made, or
  2.   the memorandum of explanation has not been attached to the disapproved application.

D. The County Sheriff and County Attorney are authorized by this chapter to utilize such forms as are necessary to implement both the written recommendation of approval or disapproval of the application and the memorandum of explanation required when the application is disapproved.

4:2.3 Requirements for Premises.

An applicant for a liquor control license, beer permit or wine permit, or a renewal of any of these, as a further condition for approval by the Board of Supervisors, must give consent in writing on the application that members of the Fire, Sheriff, and Health Departments, and the County Attorney and the Zoning Administrator may enter upon the premises without a warrant to inspect for violations of the provisions of state law or local ordinances and regulations. [12]

[11] Ordinance 11-21-00-01
[12] Ordinance 11-21-00-01

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